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Change is On the Way! 2015 NFPA 70E

By Jim Phillips, P.E., Founder of and

nfpa leadDéjà vu is that feeling you get when you think you have seen or done something before. NFPA 70E is giving us all déjà vu since it was just three short years ago, in 2011, that we were analyzing changes for the upcoming 2012 edition. It’s time for that feeling once again as we move toward completion of the 2015 edition.

Some of the terminology used during this revision cycle has changed. The changes this article outlines are based on what was known at the time of writing. It does not include every change made, and much of the language is paraphrased due to space limitations. Since the NFPA Standards Council hasn’t formally approved the final document, there is always the possibility of additional changes. Therefore, always refer to the final approved version when it’s published.

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